About Kate McGinn

I absolutely love books!  I was the kid who always had her nose in a book.  The stereotypical nerd complete with obnoxious eyeglasses.  Not only did I love reading, I loved to tell stories.  Having the opportunity to write for others is a lifelong dream.

My favorite stories were humorous ones filled with adventure, mystery, and romance.  I have spent more than one late night finishing an exciting book unable to put it down and succumb to sleep.


I loved nail-biting thrillers with strong female protagonists and the men who couldn’t live without them.  Like most readers, I wanted to write my own books.

I started seriously writing again about a year ago.  I had a story that kept popping into my thoughts.  I received an email about a writing forum and went online to see what was going on.  After a month or two of reading stories written by others, I started writing Exodus, my first full-length novel and followed it up with the second book 10 months later. Now, three years after I began my new career my newest book has been published.

I have chatted with so many new people since I started — established authors and new writers as well as hundreds of book lovers — making this adventure even more fabulous than I could have ever imagined.

Thanks for being here with me on this ride! ~~ Kate

Exodus (Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 1) is available on Amazon .

Winter’s Icy Caress (Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 2) is available on Amazon.

Never Show Your Hand (Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 3) is available on Amazon.

Stories that thrill with a kiss and chill with the promise of danger

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