Short Stories

I like the challenge of writing a short story.  How do you reach the reader, make them laugh or cry in only 500 words?  What words will you use to describe your characters and settings for maximum effect with minimal verbage?

I love the folksy storytellers like Mark Twain and Garrison Keillor.  Even Jane Austen was able to mix in humorous characters whose inclusion helped to paint the mental images of another place and time for those who scoured the pages of her books with pleasure.

The writing forum — Write On by Kindle — has tested my ability to stretch beyond my usual creative genre.  The “Weekend Write In Challenge” tests my abilities in multiple ways.

I have a time limit.  I get a one-word prompt with a question posed in regards to the word. Finally, I have 500 words.

I have to be truthful.  I’m a little lax on the word limit at times.  But every creative personality has its rebellious moods.

The short stories posted on these pages are a small sampling of my stories.  I hope you enjoy them!

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