What Kate’s Reading ~~ “The Lilac Bus” by Maeve Binchy

I love Maeve Binchy’s stories about Ireland. Circle of Friends was the first of Binchy’s books that I read. The Lilac Bus is a series of stories about all of the passengers who take the bus back home on weekends from Dublin. Binchy is a master at developing fascinating characters and plots.

Dancing with Daffodils by #OMP Author, Christine Larsen

My heart is moved with each tribute written by our #OneMillionProject writers in their blogs. Today I’m pleased to post Aussie writer, Christine Larsen’s newest offering.


My family history reveals quite a few deaths by various cancers over a span of four or more generations.

This could strike fear into many present-day hearts – or at the least, cause more than a little disquiet – a sharpened intake of breath – perhaps an unexpected thudding in the chest. However… unless scientific research proves the opposite to current thinking, these cancers are unrelated and carry no sinister genetic ramifications for me and mine. No more chance of that dreaded diagnosis than 138,000 other Australians estimated to hear the devastating news this year.

This was reason enough for me to tuck any doubts way back into one of the dark recesses of my ‘think-tank’. UNTIL… the deaths of several dear friends, my father-in-law in 1985 and my Mother in 1999, changed all previous odds and thinking.

What could possibly lighten the burden of this bringer of darkness to…

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The Sounds of Silence ~~ by Michele Potter, #OMP Blogger

I am so pleased to be a part of a group of talented writers who are committed to making the world a better place. The #OneMillionProject is that group who donate all proceeds from their short story anthologies to charities it supports.

This week’s #OMP blog is by my friend and neighbor across the Mighty Mississippi — Michele Potter.  Enjoy!

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The Words No One Wants to Hear — #OMP Blog by Kate McGinn

The battle against Cancer is real and sometimes heartbreaking, and my family has andcancer-389921_1920 is currently dealing with this terrible disease. Despite being a nurse and caring for patients with cancer over the years, it hasn’t made it easier emotionally.

I support the One Million Project and their efforts to raise money for Cancer Research UK (CRUK). Check out my blog on their website. The One Million Project’s Short Story Anthologies are available on Amazon. All proceeds go to CRUK and EMMAUS’ Homeless Programs.

What Kate’s Reading…

Well, this week another friend passed away from rotten miserable cancer. I hadn’t seen her for quite a while but kept in contact through social media. A little over a month ago, she notified everyone that she had stage 4 liver cancer. She didn’t ask for anything, as was her usual, just that everyone knew and would think about her. I […]

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The Empowerment Program Empowers Homeless Women

This is a fabulous idea! This organization hires homeless women taking them out of the shelters to train them to make jackets that are given to the homeless.

They also provide training for other careers for those who wish to move on once they are established. We need more ideas like this one. Check out the video and consider donating to help this worthwhile program.

Writing Update: I’m currently working on Chapter Twenty-One of20170720_184616385_iOS Never Show Your Hand (Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 3).  Jealousy, mystery and hints at secrets being revealed while Shanaya Cadotte and CIA Agent Bobbi Keating keep digging to find out who is behind the uptick in criminal activities surrounding the casino. How is Clare involved in all of this? I guess you will have to read the book to find out!!

I love mysteries, don’t you?

Mock up of cover for Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 3 — a current work in progress