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The Empowerment Program Empowers Homeless Women

This is a fabulous idea! This organization hires homeless women taking them out of the shelters to train them to make jackets that are given to the homeless.

They also provide training for other careers for those who wish to move on once they are established. We need more ideas like this one. Check out the video and consider donating to help this worthwhile program.


Kate’s Causes — Skid Row Carnival of Love for LA Homeless



I heard about this event in Los Angeles from my daughter-in-law who volunteered. I wanted to help in some way this year. One of my resolutions for 2018 was to work more actively in helping those in need.

LA has suffered so much in the past weeks as a result of fires and mudslides, participating in a small way for this worthy cause was something I could do to help.

24 Stories for Charity

As writers, we can bend the worlds we create in any direction we wish.  But in the harsh reality of the world we live, poverty, homelessness and disease are a part of the day-to-day struggle  of many people’s worlds.

The OMP (One Million Project) is an effort by writers and artists to help those who are caught in those struggles.  Please take a moment to check out  24 Stories for Charity .