A Little Something about Me

I find the hardest thing for me to write about is myself .  Quirky characters with real-life flaws and problems are fun to write about.  The protagonist in my romantic suspense series — Clara Thibodeaux — is a RN working in the ER of a hospital in Panama City, Florida.  She is young and has a tragic past making it hard for her to trust others.

I was an RN, and I worked in Panama City.  That is where the similarities end.  My mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago.  I helped care for her during her treatment and recovery.  During this time, I reassessed what was important in my life.

I decided to quit working and focus on family and myself.  I started writing Clare’s story.  I had the idea for this story for a couple years before I began writing it down.   I’m doing revisions and proofreading with the help of some author friends — thank you C.L., Sheena, Gail, Marian, and Doug for your help.

In short, I’m married to a great guy, have two grown sons and live in a very old house near the Mississippi.  And I love to write!