Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Going to get this book!! I hate dodgeball!!!

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Dodgeball bullies grown into the dystopian rulers of earth.  They ride around on red-eyed robot horses, laughing fiendishly and pummeling the populace with a storm of dodgeballs.  I’m fleeing with the rest of the crowd when I see them separate a middle-aged man from the pack and corner him in an alley, arms cocked to throw.  He locks desperate eyes with me, silently pleading for help.  Open my eReader to Echo.  Magic flash.  An enchanted whiffle bat appears in his hands; he and his pursuers stop and gape at its lightning-wreathed length in awestruck wonder.  His pursuers recover and launch their dodgeballs, and he’s knocking ’em right back in their faces, de-horsing one, hitting another in the stomach and triggering a long gush of puke…he lays them all low and the last one turns and gallops away.  Whiffle-bat guy smacks a dodgeball at him, and it streaks through the air…

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