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As a registered nurse for over 30 years, I saw the positive changes in survival rates for certain types of cancer. It is likely each of us will experience the heartbreak of finding out a loved one, or even ourselves, will encounter due to a diagnosis of cancer. Help support Cancer Research.


One of the fantastic charities we are raising funds for is Cancer Research UK. One of the most recognised charities in Britain, this cause has a vision to increase the survival rate of cancer victims to 75% within the next twenty years.
The charity as it is today has been around since 2002, and currently supports the work of over 4,000 doctors, scientists, and nurses throughout the UK. With the money they raise, they are able to fund these developments and they hold fundraising events to help even more people.
So far, the charity has funded major breakthroughs in a wide range of areas. Not only do they focus on finding out more about each cancer type individually, but they also explore other areas such as cancer biology, cancer drugs, clinical trials, radiotherapy, and the cancer prevention, just to name a few.
Nowadays, more than half the people who are…

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