Doggone’ It

imageBrown, soulful eyes peer up at me while I type away on my latest chapter.  An orange ball is grasped in my best friend’s mouth.  I reach for the drool-covered toy knowing I wouldn’t get any more work done.

I make a lot of jokes about being a “Wild Puppy Wrangler”.  I have even thought about listing it as my occupation on my income tax return.  I’m not too sure the IRS would find it funny.  It has been 6 months since my little buddy lived with us.  I had gotten used to having my own schedule.  I woke up when I wanted, wrote when I was inspired and didn’t worry about getting home to let the dog out.

It’s amazing how quickly I’d forgotten the demands of caring for a rambunctious yellow spinning dervish (aka a Yellow Lab).  My friends didn’t have to listen to me going on and on about “what the dog did today”.  My Facebook page didn’t have 50 different photos of the cutie.  I meant 50 photos per day!

Anyway, I am writing my blog late at night with my canine friend snoring beside me.  My furniture and my clothing are once again sporting dog hair.  When I eat anything, he is right beside me trying to influence me with his patented “I’m so hungry” look.  Every time I open the bathroom door, he is patiently waiting for me.

I love this not-so-little guy.  Yes, my life has become more complicated, my chapters are being written at a slower pace, but his unconditional love is worth whatever inconvenience I might have to work around.

I better go get some shut eye.  He’ll be up early.