Sticking By Your Resolutions

Each year millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions vowing to lose weight, get rid of clutter, etc.  I am definitely not an exception.

Yet by the end of January, most of us have given up on those future endeavors.  Again, I’m not the exception to this statement.

So what can I do this year to change my past behavior.  This is also a resolution…  This year I kept my resolutions simple, and only focused on one resolution instead of two or three.   dumbbellsMy resolution is to utilize the quiet hour from 6 am – 7 am on fitness or writing.   Seemed easy to do when I made the resolution.  Not always so easy to do when you live with an energetic Labrador retriever.

I tend to exercise more in warm weather because I love walking outdoors.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve dusted off my unused exercise equipment and worked up a sweat on the elliptical and my Airdyne bike.

Writing early in the morning is more of an issue.  Our pup leaves me alone during the time I work out, but if I’m sitting in front of my laptop, all bets are off.  Apparently, our dog doesn’t respect my literary efforts.

Some folks will say our dog is untrained.  I agree to that assessment but only to a certain degree.  He is very well behaved most of the time.  But labs need a lot of attention and sitting at my feet while I write about Clare Thibodeaux and her adventures isn’t the same as playing ball.

I have my work cut out for me, but I hope to keep my resolutions this year.  Hope all of you are having a great 2017 thus far, and if you haven’t kept the resolutions you made…you still have time to start again.