The Men in Clare’s Life

Even independent Clare Thibodeaux has some men in her life, but she wants to make her own decisions whether they are right or wrong.  She learned this early from her mother, Maureen, and her father, Rory.

Rory Thibodeaux is Clare’s father.   Every other man in Clare’s life is compared to her father.  Rory was a former Navy SEAL.   Rory and his wife own and operate a lakeside resort on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Taking on the role of hunting and fishing guide for the resort, Rory is an expert marksman, an avid hunter, and angler.   He teaches his children to work, play, and survive in the sometimes harsh Upper Peninsula.

Noah Thibodeaux is Clare’s twin brother.  He’s popular, competitive, and good-looking.  Clare likes the fact her brother isn’t a ‘player’ like some of his friends.  Noah and Clare are close and enjoy spending time together.

Kirk Dunne is a first year resident at the hospital in Florida where Clare works. They dated for six months thinking they were exclusive until she discovered he was going out with other women. The relationship ended badly, and Clare questioned her own judgement when it came to men. 

Dave Cartwright was the best man at her parents’ wedding.  Rory and Dave served as part of the same SEAL team in the Navy.  They’ve had each other’s back on the battlefield and after leaving the Navy.  Dave is a Special Agent with the FBI.

Lee Songetay grew up on the Red Cliff Reservation north of Bayfield, Wisconsin.  He served in the US Army before going to work for the FBI.  A member of the Ojibwe tribe,  Agent Songetay serves as an intermediary between the government agency and the Ojibwe people.  He is a talented musician and composer, as well as being a persistent flirt. 

Wyatt Harris meets Clare when they are both newcomers to Bayfield.  He is quiet and always assessing the people around him.  He doesn’t share very much about his past.  Recently separated from the military, Wyatt served several tours in the Middle East as a sniper for his Navy SEAL team. 

Clare’s journey won’t be easy; but hopefully with the love, friendship, and support of these men, she will overcome the obstacles in her way. 

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