Winter’s Icy Caress Update

The first draft is completed, and I’m starting on revisions of the second book in the Clare Thibodeaux Series.  I began working on the book in August of 2016 after I published Exodus.  Writing the new saga in Clare’s life was slow going at times but now over 70,000 words later, I can see the end in sight.  My son’s wedding, a three-week visit to Los Angeles, and the return of my favorite crazy Labrador to our home kept me away from my writing more than I would have liked.

I am still planning to have the Kindle edition up by the end of May, but this will depend on how the revisions progress.  Thank you for being patient as I try to make the story the best it can be.

Back to writing!


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Icy Caress Update”

  1. Glad to hear your getting close to finishing the second book in series. Can’t wait to read it. Have to stop down and get the book Exodus. Only have on my Nook.
    Happy writing!



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