Revisions and Insanity

Revisions in the creative process through my eyes. Check out this blog on The One Million Project #OMP #theonemillionproject


I discovered late yesterday I would have to post a blog on the One Million Project website.  I’m not usually so scatter-brained about deadlines, but I have a deadline of my own at the moment.  I’m in the Revision stage of my latest book; so needless to say, I’m going insane a little more each day.

I think it’s appropriate to give you, the reader, a bit of history about the revision process and moi.  With my first full-length book, I approached the revision and editing process without a plan or a clue, if I’m being frank.  Yeah, I read different articles about various steps other writers had used during the final revisions and edits.  I chose to go my own way, and I was so very wrong.  I had several beta readers helping me by pointing out punctuation and spelling errors, sentence structure, point-of-view issues, and other helpful suggestions.  I…

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