Independence Day

The 4th of July, BBQ’s, fireworks, boating on the river and catching some rays… Pretty much sums up my holiday.  Of course, I’m taking the time to write today.  It’s my ode to independence.  Freedom to express myself without worry or repercussions is one of the rights of being a citizen of the United States.  It doesn’t mean you won’t get some flack from others because that is their right as well.

My heart goes out to the military families across our country who know their loved one is far away from home serving to protect our constitutional rights.  Eating sand in Kabul or cruising the Pacific on an aircraft carrier–neither option sounds like a vacation to me.  Yet our brave men and women in the US military work tirelessly on this day while the celebrations are getting into full swing on the other side of the world.

The amazing thing is those same sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen would want us to celebrate. Because it’s comforting to know their friends and families are thinking of them as they watch the Army Golden Knights parachute 10,000 feet overhead,  as an F-18A Super Hornet rips past, or when they lift an ice cold beer in salute to our military.

On July 5th, consider giving to the Wounded Warrior Project, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society or an organization helping homeless veterans.  Invite the family of a deployed servicemember over for dinner.  It can be isolating for those left behind.  Write to our service members overseas, because those letters from home mean so very much.

Whatever you can do to support them is a blessing.  Keep them in your prayers today and every day until our brave men and women come back home again.