Rising with the Sun

I’m a morning person.  I wasn’t when I was in my 20’s, but I guess over time I’ve learned to appreciate the slow rhythm of early morning.  The windows in our bedroom face the river bluffs to the east, and as the sun begins to ascend morning light spills in.  I don’t set an alarm clock, but utilize Mother Nature and her lovely solar alert to rouse me.

I throw on my workout clothes and prepare to hit the trail.  The little village where I live sits along the Mississippi River and walking along its banks is invigorating in warm weather.  In winter, the winds coming across its icy surface are soul-chilling, so I enjoy my mild weather treks while I can.

I wave at neighbors and stop to chat on occasion, but my mind is focused on two goals–the miles I will cover and the creative process.  img_1961My best ideas have come to me on my walks.  It’s a solitary time for me and the voices in my head offering various possible plot points, dialogue, a twist or two and an idea for another potential book.

As soon as I get back to my home, I grab my story ideas notebook and jot my thoughts down before they are forever lost in the creative ether.  Physically spent at this point, it’s time for the nectar of the gods… Coffee!  This is typically followed by multiple glasses of good old H2O and a healthy smoothie.

My writing day begins after showering and getting into my writing uniform–cut-off jeans and a t-shirt.  I head outside with my laptop and notebook if the weather is nice or into the library to write, update social media and call my mom.  Writing outside is wonderful.  My old job required me to be inside 12 hours each day I worked.  In winter, I would leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark.  Bleek days, those were.

And, who isn’t inspired to write when they are surrounded by their favorite books?  Not me, for sure!  In the winter, it’s IMG_2555perfect to sit with my feet propped up on the ottoman and a cup of aromatic ginger tea next to me.

I try to write 1,500 to 2,000 words each day.  It’s a goal, but when the creative flow is there–it’s magical.  For me, it is essential like oxygen and nourishment.  The section of my brain firing off the impulses which become stories is another muscle requiring exercise each day.  If neglected, it will become lazy and out of shape like other areas (I will refrain from mentioning).

Some days are easier than others to stick to a routine.  I’m like everyone else.  I slack off more often than I should, but aren’t writers supposed to be whimsical?  During those days some of the best ideas come to the surface.  We have to entertain our whimsy or it will die and writing will become a chore, instead of a joy.

My inner whimsy is calling me to come out and play.  Gotta go…


4 thoughts on “Rising with the Sun”

  1. Being a full time caregiver for an unpredictable old man, my life is mostly unscheduled and erratic. I love mornings before he wakes up. I feed the crows and sit on the deck with coffee and cats. I squeeze editing and writing into the minutes when he is occupied, knowing I will be interrupted repeatedly. But I don’t give up. I need to do this to keep my balance and my sanity.

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    1. You are a good person. Not everyone would give so freely of themselves. I’m a nurse and understand how daunting some days may seem. Your love and strength transcend any inconvenience.


  2. I’ve recently become a morning person – I actually live on the St. Croix River, north of the Mississippi flowage – the valley is just beautiful!!

    I aim to write 1000 to 2000 words a day too. I started this goal back in April – now, it’s become habit. Wake up early – write. Get home from work, exercise – write. Write, write, write. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. But it’s a passion of mine so I keep on pushing!

    Glad you’re enjoying the sunshine this week and happy writing!

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    1. Thanks for the follow, Kristina! I have had trouble of late focusing on the writing part, I finished my second book and published it last month. It’s slow sometimes getting started again, but progress was made today. Good to know there is a like-minded soul not too far to the north. Keep in touch!


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