On the Nature of Being by John Nedwill

Some writers will use their own names; others, including myself, use a pen name as a way to separate the private from the public persona. Both the writer and the private “Kate” aren’t very different from each other, but “Kate McGinn” gives the other me a little privacy which is hard to come by in a social media world. Thanks for the great blog and a different perspective on why you’ve chosen your alter ego.


Alright, it’s a bit of a pretentious title for a blog, but stay with me for the next few hundred words.

Take a look at the biographical details at the bottom of this article. You’ll notice that it is very sparse – almost no personal details beyond my name and a WattPad account. Compare it to some of the others who write blogs for the One Million Project. Lots of details in those. Now, given the current emphasis on social media and accessibility to readers, why would an aspiring author not want to be contacted? Why would they not want their readers to connect with them?

The answer in my case is simple. Privacy.

You see, I lead a double life. One of them is the ordinary life that everybody else leads – the life of work, responsibility and paying the bills. The other life I have is one of…

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