Puerto Rican Hurricane Maria Relief

I want to thank everyone who helped assist me in raising funds for the Hispanic Federation’s Hurricane Maria Relief for Puerto Rico.  I pledged to donate all proceeds from the sale of my book Exodus from October and November to the organization.

Unfortunately, the struggles continue for our fellow Americans and it weighs especially heavy on my heart knowing there are families who are still without electricity since Maria made landfall on September 20, 2017.

Can you imagine?  It brings tears to my eyes knowing for many Christmas is another day to survive and not one of celebration.

So thank you once again for helping and caring.


Inspired by Sweet Temptations

I love going on Pinterest to find inspiration.  Whether I’m searching for new recipes or ideas for decorating my home, Pinterest has become my go-to site for ideas.  I even use some of the Pins to storyboard my books.  Visualizing my characters and the settings they are in is helpful when I’m writing.  When I’m stuck in the writing process, it can jumpstart new ideas and directions for my plot.

It is only days away from Christmas, and I decided to spend my morning making Christmas snack mixes which I discovered on Pinterest (instead of writing, LOL).

Santa’s Raindeer Chow and Snow Day Snack Mix

Santa’s Raindeer Chow
Snow Day Snack Mix

My challenge over the next few days will be not to sample the sinful goodies.  I plan on sending part of the snack mixes with my husband to share with the nice folks at work, and I will bag up more to take to the family Christmas celebration.  (I also plan on making a delicious salad with pecans, apples, romaine lettuce and goat cheese for me!!!)

Hope you are enjoying your day!  I need to finish a chapter.

The Season of Lists

Old St. Nick has one, and so do I. His list deals with who is “Naughty” or “Nice”.  Mine is my own form of self-torture that I’ve honed over the years.  All of the “should-do’s” and “have-to-definitely-do’s” are on it.  Christmas decorating, baking, gift buying, and the dreaded Christmas card conundrum.

I love the whole experience of decorating for Christmas, and I’ve cut back on how much I’ve decorated over the years.  At one time, I had ten Christmas trees with different themes in various sizes throughout the interior and exterior of our home.  Now I am down to one medium-sized artificial tree and four miniature trees.  I used to have a minimum of one tree in each of the main rooms of the house, each bedroom and in the upstairs hall.  Now the trees are in the living room and on the front porch.

My SantaIMG_5491 collecting days are over, and I’m content to limit its total number to thirty Santas.  It’s not the largest Santa collection — I knew a woman who had over 1,000 Santas, but it is enough for my home.  I’m not one for a lot of outdoor lighting either (in the whole Clark Griswold of Christmas Vacation movie fame kind of illumination), but prefer a single candle in each window.

When my sons were little, we’d bake cut-out sugar cookies and gingerbread people decorating them with lots of colorful icing and sprinkles.  The mess in the kitchen was worth the fun.  Afterwards, I’d play some Christmas CD’s, we’d drink hot chocolate with plenty of mini marshmallows floating on top and decorate the largest tree together.

This year I’m almost finished with my Christmas gift list, having a few stocking stuffer items to purchase and a couple hard-to-buy-for people yet on my list.

So, what’s on the agenda now?  The dreaded Christmas card list.  Should I write a chatty newsletter to the people I know, make my own cards with my scrapbooking expertise or send off to a company for a photo greeting card?  Frankly, I did the fail-safe option and bought a couple boxes of old-fashioned Christmas cards.  Despite my card choice, the newsletter dilemma is still looming over me.

It is so easy to get caught up in all of the tasks and lists insteadimg_5352 of enjoying the finer moments this time of year offers to us–Christmas caroling, holiday parties, Secret Santas, watching the little ones as they sit on Santa’s lap or unwrap their gifts.  The wonderful Christmas stories and movies I enjoy year after year.  Eggnog! (It gets its own sentence, LOL!)  Midnight masses crowded with parishioners, the choir’s voices reverberating through the church, and participating in the sacred traditions with millions of people around the world.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.  Just try to remember the simple pleasures and try not to worry about the lists.



Sleep in the Park Event Set for Dec. 9th

This is a wonderful event with the goal of eradicating homelessness in Scotland within five years. Stay tuned for more posts and photos from the event.


Blog by Dr. Sheena Macleod

The One Million Project (OMP), a non-profit making group, raising money and awareness for homelessness and cancer globally, are delighted to support Emma Short and Emma Park in their sleep-out to raise funds and awareness of homelessness in Scotland.

Emma Short and Emma Park are attending Sleep in the Park, the world’s largest ever sleep-out event organised by Edinburgh Homelessness Charity, Social Bite. They will be joining about 9,000 other participants who will sleep rough in Edinburgh’s city centre with the aim of raising £4m to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.

Emma Short and Emma Park are excited to take part in this event, which takes place in West Princes Street Gardens on Saturday 9 December 2017. By sleeping out in the cold overnight, they, along with the other participants will experience what homeless people experience every day.

By working together with local people and community…

View original post 379 more words

Kate’s Causes…

As many of you know, I’ve written several blogs on homelessness and the One Million Project’s commitment to raise money for EMMAUS.  Another event has caught my attention thanks to Dr. Sheena Macleod, Emma Short and Emma Park.  The “Emma’s” will be attending the Sleep in the Park event in Edinburgh,  Scotland on Dec. 9, 2017.

Check out the blog on the One Million Project website for more information about how they hope to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.