Inspired by Sweet Temptations

I love going on Pinterest to find inspiration.  Whether I’m searching for new recipes or ideas for decorating my home, Pinterest has become my go-to site for ideas.  I even use some of the Pins to storyboard my books.  Visualizing my characters and the settings they are in is helpful when I’m writing.  When I’m stuck in the writing process, it can jumpstart new ideas and directions for my plot.

It is only days away from Christmas, and I decided to spend my morning making Christmas snack mixes which I discovered on Pinterest (instead of writing, LOL).

Santa’s Raindeer Chow and Snow Day Snack Mix

Santa’s Raindeer Chow
Snow Day Snack Mix

My challenge over the next few days will be not to sample the sinful goodies.  I plan on sending part of the snack mixes with my husband to share with the nice folks at work, and I will bag up more to take to the family Christmas celebration.  (I also plan on making a delicious salad with pecans, apples, romaine lettuce and goat cheese for me!!!)

Hope you are enjoying your day!  I need to finish a chapter.