Chill Time

My chill time revolves around writing.  Feet up, cup of tea (hot or cold) depending on the season, and music playing in the background are all necessary components of a chill time without the day-to-day distractions which destroy creativity.  I’m lucky to have my days to myself.  I couldn’t write when my kids were young.  Two rough and tumble boys around the house kept me on my toes, and my creative impulses were focused on keeping them out of mischief.

Yesterday was sunny and warm compared to the -15 to -30 degree days we experienced in the couple prior weeks. I headed out to walk along the river to stretch my legs and refresh my soul.  It was perfect but even with my head to toe UnIMG_5779derArmour on, after an hour, it was time to call it quits.

Today is cloudy and gray.  Still fairly warm and my feet are ready to hit the pavement again, but first things first. I pulled out my laptop and began writing on my current WIP.  Thank God, I found my voice at least for today.  It’s been a struggle for weeks now.  The blank screen taunting me.

I guess I needed some sunshine and chill time.  I’ll listen to Christopher Cross’ “Sailing” and “Ride Like the Wind” as I sip my tea and dream about another place.

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Chill Time”

  1. we all need time to ourselves. know with kids that is hard to find. when are you going to start your painting. maybe spring when its nice outdoors. when you do I have a red painters hat bought at a sale. will take till spring for me to find going to have a yard sale then.

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