The Hair-pulling Joys of a New PC

The author’s dreaded but inevitable challenge of the old reliable laptop deciding it’s time for retirement. Oh my goodness, talk about the drama! I knew that my lovely laptop that  ushered in all three of my novels was starting to slow to such a point it was taking thirty minutes to boot.

I postponed the decision to go computer shopping. I did lament over it with comments like “I think I may need a new computer” and “I hope this laptop lasts a little longer”. The biggest challenge is reloading all of the programs I use on a regular basis.

One of those programs is my writing program. I spent a bit of change on it a few years ago and have taken it for granted that I would be able to transfer it seamlessly to the new PC. Nope, it isn’t recognizing my license number. Do I really want to buy a new program after forking over money for the new computer?

The answer is no. So, I’ve emailed the company praying they will assist me and I can return to writing my long-awaited book (although, I know I’ve kept my readers waiting too long).

The point of all of this blogging is primarily a writer’s opportunity to publicly wail and thrash around throwing words instead of physical items out there. Now, my hissy fit is finished, and I wish each and everyone of you a good day.

6 thoughts on “The Hair-pulling Joys of a New PC”

  1. Venting is good!!!! Some people never do, and it shows. I just went from Windows 7 to Windows 10. And lost some, none important stuff. I did backup what I wanted, thankfully! So I was good to go after downloading this stuff . Not a computer whiz, so if I have problems I call my son. 😬😉😁

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  2. Computer problems are infuriating! I’m a software guy and absolutely loathe the hardware side of life… because code is immortal… but machines are just machines. You didn’t mention losing any of your work, so I’m assuming you backed things up. Nonetheless it always bears repeating that writers should buy a 1TB external hard drive, consistently SAVE EVERYTHING, and index backups by date, just in case our computers or cloud storage options fail us. Archive each month of backups to DVD if you’re extra paranoid!

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    1. Thanks for the information and I do back it up. I know other authors who haven’t and had issues. I wanted to write but I was mid-chapter and can’t retrieve that chapter yet. Oh well. C’est la vie!

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