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I am a writer who lives in the Arizona desert near the mountains. I write stories filled with mystery, suspense, and romance with a sprinkling of humor added to the mix. My stories are about strong women who deal with danger, heartache, and life with dignity and grit. They make mistakes (like most of us) and stumble and fall hard, but they always get back up and dust themselves off.

Sunshine Blogger Award

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers through their blogspace and…

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Jason Greenfield’s blog about The One Million Project has been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  The One Million Project is one I’m proud to be involved in.  Over 80 writers, artists and media persons are helping to raise money for Cancer research by donating their work.  Their short stories and artwork are compiled into The One Million Project book available for sale on

A Little Something about Me

I find the hardest thing for me to write about is myself .  Quirky characters with real-life flaws and problems are fun to write about.  The protagonist in my romantic suspense series — Clara Thibodeaux — is a RN working in the ER of a hospital in Panama City, Florida.  She is young and has a tragic past making it hard for her to trust others.

I was an RN, and I worked in Panama City.  That is where the similarities end.  My mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago.  I helped care for her during her treatment and recovery.  During this time, I reassessed what was important in my life.

I decided to quit working and focus on family and myself.  I started writing Clare’s story.  I had the idea for this story for a couple years before I began writing it down.   I’m doing revisions and proofreading with the help of some author friends — thank you C.L., Sheena, Gail, Marian, and Doug for your help.

In short, I’m married to a great guy, have two grown sons and live in a very old house near the Mississippi.  And I love to write!

The Hungry Games

I plan on posting some of my short stories and excerpts of my novels for your enjoyment.   Watch for future posts of my original stories.

Natalie jumped up and down in front of her mirror trying to suck in her gut.  She pulled the edges of her pants together in the hopes that a miracle would happen and she would get them close enough to zip up her lucky jeans.

At least they used to be her lucky jeans.

“Nat! Come on, we need to leave,” her roommate, Claudia yelled.

“Just a sec, I’ll be out in a minute!”  Natalie hopped to her bed.  One more thing to try.  She flopped onto her back holding her breath while she prayed for divine intervention.

Almost there.  Finally, they zipped.  She lay there wondering if she could actually get up from the bed.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.

“Nat!  I’m leaving with or without you.” Claudia sounded pissed off.

Natalie rolled onto her side using her arms to prop herself up into a semi-sitting position.  She heard the front door open.  If she wasn’t meeting up with a guy she had a huge crush on, she wouldn’t even go.  Natalie couldn’t miss a chance to catch his eye.

Natalie shuffled stiff-legged towards her bedroom door.  She walked like a zombie in that TV show.  That would draw attention.

As she moved down the hallway, she heard Claudia gasp, “How’d you even get those on?  You can barely walk.  Can you even sit?”  Claudia walked around her in a circle shaking her head.

“These are my lucky jeans and I really thought I needed to wear them tonight, but I guess I’ve gained a bit of weight,”  Natalie mumbled embarrassed by her lack of discipline.  “I’ll figure it out.  Let’s just go, alright.  I don’t want to be late.”

Natalie lurched out to the car and with some maneuvering she was able to close the car door.  She reclined her seat back as far back as possible.  Natalie was positive the blood supply to her legs was cut off.  Her legs felt numb.

“You aren’t going to be able to sit at a table,” Claudia helpfully informed her.

“I can hang at the bar.  I won’t be eating anyway.  I’m on a diet.  Now.”  Natalie paused when she saw her friend’s cynical look.  “Besides my jeans would burst if I tried to eat.”  Natalie’s stomach growled loudly.  She shot a worried look at Claudia.  Her friend laughed so hard she snorted.  “That’s right, laugh.  Ha ha.  I’m starving.”

The car pulled into the parking lot of the bar & grill.  Claudia took pity on Natalie and offered her hand to help her get out of the car.  Natalie’s breathing was shallow due to her inability to take a deep breath.  She promised herself that she’d never ever eat another slice of pizza or have a piece of cheesecake again.

“Do I look fat, Claudia?”

“Sweetie, you look like your jeans are painted on you.  Don’t look now — here they come,” Claudia whispered.    Natalie’s dream guy approached with a smile just for her.

Her jeans were lucky.