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Never Show Your Hand is Available!

I know, I know. It has been a year and a half since Winter’s Icy Caress was published, but the good news is (Drum Roll, followed by Pregnant Pause)… Never Show Your Hand (Clare Thibodeaux Series, Book 3) is available to purchase on Amazon!!!!

I also updated the covers of all three books to celebrate!! Exodus is a variation on the original cover which was done in a watercolor painting effect. For Winter’s Icy Caress, I wanted a dramatic cover which reflected the eerie suspense of the story.

IMG_0849 1

I hope you like the new covers!

Stay tuned for special pricing on all three books in the coming weeks!

Interesting Fun Fact! The Jeep pictured on the new cover of Exodus is actually MY Jeep!


How to Get Over a Broken Heart

The title of this blog is misleading in the sense that everyone deals with heartbreak in different ways.  In my blog post yesterday, I wrote about my protagonist, Clare Thibodeaux’s efforts to move on with her life after dealing with the anguish caused by her husband’s absence.  She used training for the Birkebeiner cross-country ski race to focus her energies and emotions.

I used work in the past to distract me, but retired from nursing now, I deal with my emotional distress by exercising and cleaning the house.  Unfortunately, when I feel overwhelmed by something in my life, I also suffer from writer’s block.  Not helpful when you are writing a book.

People will tell you, “Time heals all ills,” and I believe with time the pain of heartbreak is muted, but it doesn’t disappear.  The heartbreak and the way you deal with it are a part of who you become in the aftermath.  Some people will be wary of romance while others will throw themselves into relationship after relationship in an attempt to forget.

It is important to not let someone else’s choice define you.  Negativity about yourself will only bring issues into any future relationships.  It can result in self-destructive behaviors — substance abuse, overeating and other actions which only increase self-deprecation and depression.

I find if I can focus on the goals I have for my life and re-invest myself in the efforts to achieve them, I begin to take control of my future.  Don’t let heartbreak define who you are or who you will become.  Yes, it is a piece of your overall psyche, but it’s only a small part of the whole.

Find yourself, love yourself, allow yourself to grieve, and then, move on to the adventure that is your life.

“Max” Recognized

We live in a tiny place near the Mississippi River, and our son’s Labrador Retriever has been staying with us as we dog-sit. My husband was walking with the yellow fur baby when he heard a woman calling out, “Hello, Max!” referencing Clare’s loyal dog in Exodus and Winter’s Icy Caress.

On his return, he said, “Another reader of your books thinks Caesar’s name is Max.”

I absolutely love it!

Get Exodus and Winter’s Icy Caress for $0.99 through July 29!

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Don’t miss out on a chance to read about Clare’s journey from ER nurse to a woman in hiding as she is hunted down by deadly strangers from her past.  Two men vie for her heart while they promise to keep her safe from harm.  Can she let her guard down and open her heart?

The Boxes Have Arrived!

Who doesn’t like finding some boxes awaiting when they get home?  What if they were filled with books?  I love it!  And, when they’re my books–there are no words to describe the feeling. 

The paperback edition of Winter’s Icy Caress was in one box, and the other contained additional copies of Exodus

Now, the Happy Dancing can begin.