The Boxes Have Arrived!

Who doesn’t like finding some boxes awaiting when they get home?  What if they were filled with books?  I love it!  And, when they’re my books–there are no words to describe the feeling. 

The paperback edition of Winter’s Icy Caress was in one box, and the other contained additional copies of Exodus

Now, the Happy Dancing can begin. 

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I recently watched a video of a young North Korean woman, Park Yeon-mi, when she spoke at the One Young World Conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2014. Her eloquence and passion were evident, and her courage was a testament to the human will when faced with seemingly unbeatable odds. As a little girl, she remembers […]

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Winter’s Icy Caress is now available

The second book in the Clare Thibodeaux Series is now available on!  The ebook is online and the paperback should be available very soon.

There’s even a sneak peek at the first chapter of book 3 —Never Show Your Hand.  

Clare’s adventure continues in Winter’s Icy Caress when she inadvertently becomes the target of a serial killer.  Anyone could be the culprit, and the clues seem to lead to someone with inside information about Clare.  Lee and Wyatt are back, and a few new characters are on hand to stir things up.

I hope you will enjoy the roller coaster ride!

Kate Recommends…

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Revisions and Insanity

Revisions in the creative process through my eyes. Check out this blog on The One Million Project #OMP #theonemillionproject


I discovered late yesterday I would have to post a blog on the One Million Project website.  I’m not usually so scatter-brained about deadlines, but I have a deadline of my own at the moment.  I’m in the Revision stage of my latest book; so needless to say, I’m going insane a little more each day.

I think it’s appropriate to give you, the reader, a bit of history about the revision process and moi.  With my first full-length book, I approached the revision and editing process without a plan or a clue, if I’m being frank.  Yeah, I read different articles about various steps other writers had used during the final revisions and edits.  I chose to go my own way, and I was so very wrong.  I had several beta readers helping me by pointing out punctuation and spelling errors, sentence structure, point-of-view issues, and other helpful suggestions.  I…

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This article from Now Novel is instructive for writers looking to create unique and effective descriptions through the use of adjectives. Definitely worth a read.

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