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Writer’s Open Forum–Great Fun!

I had a great time at this event. So many wonderful and accomplished veteran writers, publishers and editors. Newbie writers like myself and a crowd of book enthusiasts and writers who are just beginning their journey into publishing their own stories. 

I got to meet a fellow WriteOn member and One Million Project networker, Michele Potter.  

I look forward to implementing all of the useful info from the panels and reading the books I purchased from other authors. And I look forward to getting back together with Michele for lunch. 

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As some of my faithful followers know, I am a part of a grostack-of-books-1001655_1280up of writers, artists, musicians and media professionals from around the world who donate their time and talents to help raise money which we donate to charity–Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS Homeless shelters.

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Resolutions, Repentance and Rebirth

The promise of a new year brings the hope of happier times ahead.  The days get longer, the temperatures warmer, and Spring brings the birth of colts, calves and baby lambs.  The honking chorus of geese heading north can be heard over the Mississippi flyway.  Soon other birds will migrate using the Mississippi River to navigate their way to locations warming with the changes the new season brings.  Daffodils and tulips will push through the black dirt reaching for the warming sunshine.

We, humans have made our resolutions with the promise of losing weight, getting to the gym more often and decluttering our homes.  I confess I seem to have forgotten my good intentions in the passing months.  My house looks like a war zone, and I don’t even want to talk about my lapses in the area of healthy living.

Christians around the world are entering a time of spiritual renewal and repentance.  We enter into the Lenten season showing repentance through fasting, prayer, and sacrifice.  The conversation in my family during this time of year includes declarations of what “I’m giving up for Lent”.  For forty days, we abstain from certain foods and give up something/s we enjoy in recognition of Jesus Christ’s sacrifices in the desert.

For many, including myself, once Lent is over I return to my pre-Lenten routines.  This year, I am thinking of this time as preparation for my personal rebirth.  Lent should be a time of making myself a better “me”.  If I only try to curb my bad habits during a period of forty days, I miss out on the opportunity to change over the next 325 days.

I’d like to think I’m strong enough to keep the promises I make to myself and others. Strong enough to recognize my failings and correct them.  Strong enough to celebrate the opportunity to change and evolve as I grow older.  I don’t want to become stagnant and fixed in the same routines.  I want to experience this world, bring joy to others and help where I can.

Resolutions, repentance, and rebirth–I believe are the three steps needed for self-awareness, accountability and self-actualization.  As an author, my characters go through a similar process over the course of their story.  We expect them to overcome their obstacles, learn from their mistakes and grow as a person.  It’s not unrealistic to expect the same from ourselves.

 “You can only run for so long before you have to fight back.”     Discover how Clare Thibodeaux overcomes her fears in Exodus


Autumn Sojourn

The town where I grew up has an awesome apple orchard.  There is a gift shop, restaurant, children’s activities and of course, delicious apples!  Each year, my out-of-town siblings and I travel back home for “Scarecrow” soup and warm apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.  It is a tradition that we look forward to each fall.

My husband and I ventured to the orchard today.  It was foggy and cool out.  Hardly anyone was in the store and restaurant.  We were able to browse the assorted jams, jellies, and other tasty food items without fighting the crowds. There are many wonderful orchards across the country, but I think of this one as being ‘ours.’ It has been the scene of many family gatherings over the years.

The sun made an appearance later in the day, so I took my husband to the lake.  It’s a small lake with a golf course, located adjacent to it.  The same course where I played golf in my high school and college years.  The temperature was pleasant in the mid-sixties, and the sun shone brightly.  Few people were out and about, although the day was one of the dwindling warm days left before winter blasts us.  Children ran down the hill towards the lake while their parents called for them to return to the picnic table.  A small boat with some fishermen could be seen slowly moving near the shore.  Geese were parading on the beach while others floated on the surface of the lake.  Across the way, the Veteran’s Memorial sits high on the hill.  I mentally made a note to take my husband there in the future.

For me, autumn is a sensory delight.  I look forward to the vibrant colors of the turning leaves and the crunch of those same leaves underfoot.  I long for the smell of baking pies and the unique scent of firewood burning in the hearth.  I can’t wait to dig out my sweaters and soft scarves.  The roar of the crowd cheering at the high school football game takes me back to my youth.  As I watch the little children running from one home to the next yelling “Trick or Treat,” I see my sons’ joy during those special Halloween nights.

Autumn provides not only fond memories but opportunities to create new ones.

Enjoy your autumn days!

Fiction and Politics

When I came up with the idea for Exodus, it wasn’t even an election year.  I didn’t want to write a “fiction-mimicking-life type of story.  I planned to write a Romantic Suspense which had aspects of domestic terrorism.

As each chapter rolled out, my writing forum members would ask if I was getting inspiration from the current political cycle.  That would be a ‘negative’.  My original premise came from my time in the Army Reserve in the 80’s.  An individual or group had tried to gain access to the reserve center to obtain military equipment.  They weren’t successful, thank goodness.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.    ~ Mark Twain

This led me to research domestic terrorism.  I found some mind-blowing statistics about the rapid increase in extremist groups and domestic terrorism over the last two decades. I had no idea.

Violence in the name of political beliefs isn’t a new idea.  Think Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton’s duel, assassinations or attempts on political figures, and the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma in the 90’s, you will find a small sampling of my thought process.

I write fiction.  I create plausible and implausible worlds where I decide the outcome.  I do think the adage “truth is stranger than fiction” is true.  This is a crazy world with unpredictable people, and I’m happy the world isn’t comprised of cookie-cutter people.  How dull would the paintings, music, film and books be without the diverse creative citizens of our world.

I can only say,  I hope and pray this political season doesn’t reflect my book.  If so, we are in for a helluva ride!!

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Falling Behind

Just as the temperatures fall from the humid 90’s of August to the pleasant 70’s of September, and Autumn heralds its imminent arrival with the subtle changes in the color of the trees around us, I feel the panic of Falling Behind.  

I’m an erratic list maker.  I have lists on my iPhone, in the notebook I use for jotting notes for my writing inspirations and in my journal I have fondly dubbed “My Brain”.  It holds the items my aging synapses are unable to retain in any order.  In my fifth decade, I blame it on all of the names, phone numbers, account numbers and birthdates I have tried to compile in the (let’s face it!) minute amount of gray matter I was born with.

I have a special To Do List which I made three years ago.  I cataloged all of the updates I wanted to make to our home.  I went around room by room listing all of the changes and maintenance items I needed to tackle.  I have crossed off about two things on the list.

Oh, I have my reasons.  Summer overwhelms with family events, camping trips, and outdoor concerts.  Last summer, I had a broken wrist and for much of the summer, I wore a cast.  After it had come off, my dominant right hand and arm were weakened to the point I couldn’t accomplish many of the items on my list.

This year, in addition to the multitude of summer affairs we attend, our youngest son got married on an island in the Carribean.  Yup, I didn’t get very much done.  Now, I am looking at a list older than the two year old, furbaby next to me.  Thinking to myself, ‘If it wasn’t raining, I could’ve painted outside today…’

How many of you have To Do Lists with still too many “To Do’s” on it?




The Tale of Writing Withdrawal

I am going to tell you a tale of woe and angst.  Once upon a time, a writer found herself separated from her story unable to write for ONE WEEK!!!  I can imagine your alarm at this calamity.  But it’s true.  I have gone for over a week without writing a single word in my latest project Winter’s Icy Caress, the sequel to Exodus.

I published Exodus on Kindle and on Smashwords.  Done.  Nope, it isn’t.  The second book in the series is stuck on Chapter 16 unless I can find some time to write.  So, I guess you want to knWinter's Icy Caressow what has kept me from my writing passion.

Simply put – Life.  Appointments both personal and medical, family visits, a music event with friends and family and projects (other than writing about Clare, Wyatt, and Lee) have separated me from my typical routine.  I usually write between 1000 -2000 words each day.  They may not always make the final cut for a story but the words are put on the page either way.  I’m 14,000 words behind.

What might have occurred in Bayfield while I was busy?  Don’t worry I won’t write any spoilers.  I think I may need to end my blog and my misery and get busy.  While you are waiting for Book 2, mosey over to Amazon Kindle or Smashwords and check out my author pages.

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24 Stories for Charity

As writers, we can bend the worlds we create in any direction we wish.  But in the harsh reality of the world we live, poverty, homelessness and disease are a part of the day-to-day struggle  of many people’s worlds.

The OMP (One Million Project) is an effort by writers and artists to help those who are caught in those struggles.  Please take a moment to check out  24 Stories for Charity .